Thursday, November 17, 2005

american beauty, ironic stories and rude awakenings

i have a paper due next week (one of three) that is a comparison movie review type paper. one of the two films i have chosen to watch is american beauty. i have seen this film several times but not recently. there was a time in collage the year it came out where every weekend for what seemed like months it was either american beauty or fight club...needless to say i needed to take a break from both of those films.

anyway my friend katie and i watched it tonight. i had forgotten many things about this beautiful film. like the fact it was so pretty. the colors washes and use of light wow! i don't think i had realized what wonderfully talented actor played some of the smaller roles. and is anyone else out there totally creeped out by peter gallager's eye brows?

but the high-light of watching this film tonight was the sex scene between mr. gallager (eye-brow man) and annette bening (mrs. dick tracy) and the pounding of the head board against the wall. what made this moment stand out to me is also the reason i awoke at 1:45am this morning. as i sometimes do for what seems like no reason. i awoke this morning in the wee hours, unlike most times the reason why i woke up became clear or at least clearer as i gained full brain capacity. there was a pounding or shaking happening. at first i though it might be an earthquake but nothing else seemed to be effected. because if there really was an earthquake two things would be happening which hadn't. 1. graduation painting, that is sitting on top of my bookshelf would have fallen down since it falls when i slam my door to hard 2. marie (my way cool roommate) would have been in my room by then.

that is when i heard the voices, it was my next store neighbor and a man talking. and because the walls in our apartment building are so thin i soon learned that it was the man who lives in the apartment next door to her. after about twenty minutes the pounding started small tired brain finally made the connection. the pounding was her bed/head board banging against my wall as they had sex. i started to pray please dear god...make them stop and let me go to sleep!

and that realization that my neighbor was fucking her neighbor leads me to these two profound (or not so profound) thoughts 1. the walls in this building are to thin... 2. it would be much funnier if i was dating someone and he was in bed with me. instead it was just awkward and icky... 3. why in the hell didn't they have sex at his place where no one would be awoken by pounding at 1:45am!!!!

and that dear friends...or empty internet space who ever is listening, is my story.

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