Sunday, November 27, 2005

donnie darko and theology..the beginning of a long conversion

so i just got back from watching the director's cut of 'donnie darko'. i think i saw the original sometime over the last two years, pretty sure that jules and i saw it during one of our massive movie weekends, care of raincity video. anyway, tonight (and maybe this is just the effects of mars hill) i realized how saturated with theology this film is. what kind of theology and the point are still beyond my understanding but something my friend mike said earlier about einstein and time travel clicked with the ideas of this film. besides it is a very well done indie film, something i hope to be a part of some day.

so what is the link between theology and time travel? is it possible to change the past (although in a more hopeful way than the film)? what does one make with the comments on memory and the exchange between mother and girlfriend at the end of this version? i read a review from christianity today that deal with the theology as nihilism yet i don't think it is that. they also said that the director's cut had less substance to its theological, scientific and philosophical ideas. i beg to differ...besides this is the same magazine that panned 'dogma'. a film that has a lot to say about all the bull shit that is added to faith hence the title. anyway i think that there is something valuable and profound being said in 'donnie darko' but it is three in the morning and i can't type anymore so....

oh and as an actor this is one of those films that inspires me to get out there and audition ignites my desire to act.

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