Friday, November 18, 2005

i feel as though i have no words...

so i am board at work today. the baby is finally asleep and i know my heart can't handle reaching into my papers right now so i have been reading blogs. specifically the depthful and articulate blogs of my way cool friends from mars hill. and now i feel like i cannot express my self well at all. and for the record who the hell would actually want to hear (or read rather) my blumbling attempts to share my self. from this the voices come into my head telling me i have fallen into self contempt (something everyone seems to be wrestling with at school) these are good voices not bad. now my brain flashes to stewart smalley(i think that's his name), the character from saturday night live back in the late eighties and early ninties when it was good, saying "i am good enough, i am smart enough and gosh darn-it people like me" which really feels like a joke since i am having a crazy irrational moment and think that my freinds hate me.

all this to say my friends are really great writers.

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