Saturday, November 12, 2005

image bearers

tonight i was blessed with the chance to see my beautiful and talented friend, nicole perform at the rockgrrl (i think that's what it was called, i've had two martinis and it's late) festival and music conference.

*i find it very amusing that i can spell martinis and yet cannot spell many other things.*

anyway she was breath-taking and glorious. my friend erika who went with me kept saying "she is to good to not be signed, to good to be playing coffee houses". i love nicole.

but seeing her play was the first of two blessings i was given tonight. the second, was getting to reconnect with my friends andrew and claire. it was wonderful to see them after, like seven years. but it became even more meaningful to me in contrast to class on wednesday night.

during my last class this week someone asked a very pointed question about a case study. while the end result of this question turned out to be very important, the way the question was phrased really bothered me. it felt like it was steeped in the type of judgmentalism in regard to gay people that turns my stomach. it creates a us/them mentality. this mentality is the total opposite of what we are learning in class. what we are learning is martin buber's i/thou (ich-du) relational philosophy. it is about seeing all of creation as holding the image of God and all human beings as image bearers. so to be given the chance to see three of my friends who happen to be gay this weekend and realize that i have always seen them as image bearers is so incredible and mind-blowing. i felt so honored to be able to see them and have a few minutes with them. than i am honored and blessed to share time with such wonderfully beautiful people...this really cannot do justice to the wonder and awe i feel in knowing and being able to engage with others.

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