Friday, November 11, 2005

inspired by the musician...

*these are two poems that found their way into my feeble brain while listening to two of my favorite bands* enjoy or don't...

I love you so much it breaks my heart...
Fine is all the lie I can take on my mind.
The piano echo’s as the voice on the radio
display my thoughts haunting in time.
There is no right or wrong that can pull
me out of this bind. With open eyes I walk
shaded in blindness, stupidity. Trust and
faith have ravaged my heart. Betrayal came
to fast for me to hide. What makes me
believe the lies you feed me time after time.

(ever listen to colorblind by counting crows....damn)

They stand there like the golden gods, Zeus coming down the mountain to run off at the mouth. Little does their flock know how blind and ignorant their holy deity is. He doesn’t speak reality only his selfish pain. This bitterness which has eaten away at his heart infects the unsuspecting crowds of his pleasure. It is his misguided mission to spread his convoluted gospel of hate through out this generation. Never would this venom be call hate for it is the sophisticated wisdom of old the, humanist manifesto reborn. The tainted apple in new form. In the scarced temple of music’s son, the artist takes the preacher’s form.

(rock show anyone?)


Anonymous said...

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jessi knippel said...

thanks ike! i'm thinking about you...