Wednesday, November 23, 2005

the weigh of awareness

i was overwhelmed tonight. first of all it has been foggy all week here in seattle. there is such beauty and mystery in fog. i love the way things come alive out of the mist almost like appearing magically. there is such a sense of wonder with fog.

the second reason is that my heart aches for all those who don't have places to go tomorrow. especially those who don't have places to sleep, every night. i passed four or five homeless people tonight while walking the block between my house and hollywood video (all of one block). why does there have to be so much suffering? why do these people not have a place to go? doesn't everyone deserve to be honored and respected, valued? i realized last saturday as i sat watching 'the mission' that i cannot stomach the idea of destroying another person. that i value life, fundamentally. it is a theology of life which has been building in my head for the last several years. i do not understand how one can be pro-choice and anti-death penalty, or pro-life and pro-death penalty? if you value life then you value all life. at least this is what i gleaned from the early church, the bible and the life of Jesus. during my time so far at mars hill i am having my heart called out. there are so many things which my heart said where true that didn't fit into the brands of christianity i had been exposed to, i had been taught to be skeptical of those things. it feels so good to trust my heart.

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