Friday, December 30, 2005

beer is not my friend

i had dinner with my friend laurel tonight, since dinner was pizza, beer seemed like the natural drink of choice.

(note to readers i am a hard-a girl who is known to drink wine now and then but so far has not ventured into the land of hops for my drinking adventures) we decided to get a pitcher of hewiezien(i know i slaughtered the spelling) to go with our tasty bbq chicken pizza.

yet it didn't, the beer was not tasty at all infact it was like drinking musty sludge and since we had gotten a pitcher i had to finish two whole glasses of the stuff. now here is the kicker, two days before i had a glass that was good. i want to find beer that i like, but so far in my expereince it just makes you feel heavy, squishy, and you have to pee all the damn time. you don't get that happy silly feeling like from champagne just sleepy and weighted down like you have eaten a whole loaf of bread.

i like my rum alot better.

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