Monday, December 19, 2005

broken heart mountain and other love stories

i saw 'brokeback mountain' tonight. what a beautiful, sad, wonderful film. first of all it is visually a stunning film. the cinamatography was incredible. secondly, it was such a sad and heart breaking story. how does one function in a society which will not let you be your self? i liked it because it was allowed to be what it was a love story about two cowboys, instead of trying to make it powerful they allowed the story to be. in that just being the story became more powerful than it would have been if someone had tried to make it. i am begining to realize that what is most powerful is a honest story.

it is much like the way i am looking at theology these days. you don't need to make something be more than it is. just letting a passage or story tell it's self and the meaning will come out. when we try to tie it all together we only make a bigger mess of it. infact we corrode the meaning. i have read several feminist theologians over this last quarter and while i have appricated parts of what they have to say i always walk away feeling like they pushed to hard to make their agenda fit instead of just letting the story be told. maybe trusting story is like trusting God that what is given is enough, we don't have hype things up both God and stories can stand on their own.

i miss my friends...

i saw 'elizabethtown' last night. it was not the best effort of cameron crowe but i liked it. i think if i made a film it would be much like that. scenes that are funny and cute but are mostly eye and heart candy instead of a story that flows and surrounds you. my friend stephanie who went with me said that it reminded her of 'garden state' which i agree with. although 'garden state'as a story is much better told. the first time i saw 'garden state' i was wraped up in the story. you know that feeling when you are so involved in what is happening that you become part of it. where as watching 'elizabethtown' i was still very much aware of my self, i couldn't get into the characters. although i feel like watching that combined with finishing 'the sisterhood of the traveling pants' call me to be bold and brave. i don't know what that will look like yet just that it is part of a call.

i want to run wild and free. dance under the trees and see stars. i want to walk on water and swim in the clouds. there is such beauty here where i live. i saw seagulls dancing in the sky as i was drvining to work this morning. i wanted to capture them and then paint it. i wish that i was better at getting the images in my head out.

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