Monday, December 26, 2005

broken things...suck!

my car is broken it currently does not want to start or continue moving once it has started. i feel like curling up into a little ball and crying my eyes out because this is not a good time for my car to stop working. i need to be working all week and picking people up from the airport and everything else. i do not like being without a car. i know people, many people who have and do live without a car. it is better for the earth and such, this i know. but i am so deeply attached to the freedom i have with my car. in my car i am independant and do not have to rely on others. i am prideful i don't like to have to rely on others, i want to do things my self. maybe this is a good lesson, one that i don't like but that will bring something better. or maybe it is faith and trust, believing that God will provide. anyway something is bound to happen and in the end there will be good in it.

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