Saturday, December 24, 2005

crying on the street

as i was walking home from qfc (the grocery store) this moring two fire engines came roaring down john across broadway. i don't know why but the minute i saw them i felt the tears welling up. i was engulfed in a deep sorrow. for the last two blocks home i was fighting the torrent of tears. and of course there were all the people encamped in front of jack in the box who do not have a place to go to. why does that happen in this country why are there people who have nothing in one of the richest nations in the world?

last night luke and i were talking about how little joy (american)christians have. we create needless suffering for our selves because we don't really get what christ has done. it is our actions of love and our joy which are the witnesses. how is it that those who are suffering and crushed in other countries have the joy and life that paul talks about with "nothing" and we have "everything" without any life or joy. instead we are bound and depressed. we are the empty hallows, shadows of people. we the living zombies are trying to convert the living to our life of death. how sick is that!

yet a baby, who becomes a man has brought life, our life is worth much because it is his. happy christmas.


Liz Easterling said...

It seems as if it is either one or the other. Tonight I ran into an old sunday school guy I knew. He mentioned to a friend that a phone call on his birthday gave him much joy. as he said this he "raised the roof" with his hands to the sky. It was unnerving and strange. It felt false and concocted.

At the same time, tonight I spent four hours laughing and chatting with my brother and eleven other invited guests. It was a joyful and lovely occasion.

How often do we see Christ full of joy? I would suggest, not often. Though capable of joy, I often find that it is something more substantial than raising the roof or even dinner with friends. Joy, i believe is like faith. Sometimes you doubt it is there, or even possible, but it is the silent swift stream that continues to move our hearts in the direction which God leads.

Plus, i got to listen to a British man read the chronicals of narnia tonight...So Hot! Want to touch the hiney! Yum.

In all seriousness though, I think we see joy as something on the outside. Something we emmit or create with an outward force. I would suggest otherwise. But maybe I will write my own blog to figure it out.

Love you. And have a wonderful holiday.

jessi knippel said...

first of all write write because i keep checking it and nada.

second i think that your idea on joy is great! although i do think that we need more "real joy" opposed to the false christianese kind of joy.

i love you too. happy christmas. i keep wondering today what christmas with little kids is like because we haven't had one in such a long time. i miss that, they bring such great energy, wonder, and joy!

one last random though is 26 the year of being asked if you are going to get married because i have been getting that a lot.

see you soon.