Thursday, December 08, 2005

it needs...something more

after browsing the blogs of friends and classmates i realized how plain and bland my blog is. i really need to make the effort to learn more about computers and whatnot so that this can express my creativity more holistically. plus then i can post fun pictures.

i have been thinking about shakespeare alot today (not helpful really in any of my papers but what the hell). liz and i were talking about his plays last night and have decided to read "the history of henry the eighth" over break and talk about it. i love my friend...what started the whole conversation was talking about engaging with people who have harmed you and how to do it well. i suggested it was dan's image(dan allender one of our profs and the president of our school) of the fool and how in shakespeare the fool actually the most sane and wisest character. the fool allows him self to be though of as silly so that he can reveal truth. i was about to say like in king lear when liz say "like in king lear". we got talking about the plays we do and don't like and decided to read henry. (we both dislike romeo and juliet)

in thinking about lear, i realize how he is also a parallel to king nebbecanzzer(sp?) the persian(i think) king. one of the biblical stories about him, tells of him loosing his mind and going crazy for several years to purge him of his arrogancy. which is much like the story of lear.

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