Saturday, December 03, 2005

it's like watching your mother get married

my dearest auntie margee got married tonight. it was a wonderful experience. they, she and michael my new uncle, belong to a messianic church so they had a hebrew roots wedding. this means that they pretty much had a jewish wedding. everything was an analogy to the marriage of christ to his bride the church, interesting since i wrote one of my last papers on some of the bride imagery.

it was beautiful to be with family and watch what has been four years of intense prayer come to fruition. marie (my roommate) and i have been praying for my aunt's future husband over the last four years since we started living together. it has been awesome to see this come to life. while they were saying their vows my uncle michael started to cry and i realized that i want to marry a man who is "brave and tender" (to steal my professor's words) enough cry during our wedding. in my aunt i saw i think for the first time what it is to become beautiful in the eyes of your beloved. i have been struggling all week with knowing that i don't know what it looks like to be honored and loved by a good man. while watching my lovely aunt's face i realized that God was giving me her face as that vision. like my aunt marey and uncle ralph have been an example to margee and michael, margee and michael are already an example of love and marriage for me. although it is a bit weird too, like watching my mother get married. you are happy for her and excited about this new father figure but a bit sad because you know that you have lost a bit of her too.

i lasted through the whole thing and was so filled with joy, pride, honor and love that by the end of the actual ceremony i had to get out of there. it was too much emotion. i ran to the bathroom and in that brief moment of honoring my emotions i was able to come back and be present for the rest of the night. this is huge considering my first inclination was to run to my car and smoke until everything was over.

it was also wonderful to see family and friends. i really wish that i could see my family more often. i am 26 and just now getting the chance to truly get to know my cousins. plus i go to see my godparents and being with them even a short amount of time is such a blessing. how did i get to be so blessed to have these people in my life who love, bless and pray for me? i am so thankful that God allowed me to be here for this day!

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robert d said...

I came upon your blog serendipitously and gave it a good read. I enjoyed your entries and hope you continue to blog. My one disappointment was that I was not able to view your painting.

Happy holidays,