Thursday, December 08, 2005

of sleep and lions

it is incredible what two more hours of sleep will do for you. i actually got more than five hours last night and i feel so much better. rejuvination has come, at least for today. last night when i was going over my schedule for the next week i realized that from now until the 16th of december i have something every night. school stuff(three papers & 1 final) or seeing friends from school. it is going to be incredibly hard to not see friends (especially liz) for the next three weeks. but on the bright side i will (hopefully) work more and get things organized(like my room).

as for the lions we are going to see the opening showing of narnia tonight. i am so excited to see it. it is the same animation/production house that did the lord of the rings. but what makes me most excited is to see lewis's story on film. i have seen several productions of it, yet i hope this will be the best.

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