Wednesday, December 28, 2005


so i think that i have found a new car!! i talked to my friend amy yesterday who just happens to be selling her car and buying a new one. she said that she can sell me her car. which is great because i have driven her car alot and know it well. God is wonderfully gracious. amy's car is in good condition and will actually last me though the end of graduate school (the honda couldn't). all the details need to be worked out but this just feels like God.

on another note my brother and i had a great conversation on our drive back up last night. ian is so very wise, what he was saying reminded me alot of luke's position last week. i wish they could get together and talk, i think they could be good friends. ian and i were talking about the death penalty, consequences, justice, government and faith. God has planted such depth in the person of my brother. he constantly amazes me. i feel so blessed to have such wise and kind men in my life.

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