Thursday, December 29, 2005

weird movies

i am currently watching the movie "palindromes". it is by the director who did "welcome to the doll house". i am not sure what is trying to be said and i am kind of disturbed by the ending. watching movies either fuels my desire to make movies or overwhelms me with how much is out there. this movie makes me want to make better films.

it felt like nothing truly was being said because almost all of the adult characters were over the top. i have seen alot of films by this one didn't make sense.

this begs the question is there such thing as good film or bad film, is it worth it to make a film if it has no point or does everything made intrinsically have some point?

what does good art and bad art look like?

i don't know. sometimes i think that i do and then i'm not sure who i am i to judge? what i create is not always the best. yet it is also painful to watch, see or listen to something that is truly not good. like chichy jesus pictures or thomas kincaid painting.

i also watched "you and me and everyone we know" which first and formost gets props for being filmed in portland (while i don't want to live there again it does have a special place in my heart). secondly it was a weird film also but this time it was good. it made sense people, connected. i finished my earth and sky painting as i was watching it. liz, i added a tree. while it feels good to have finished (or mostly finished) this painting i was also frustrated because what i create doesn't always come out how i would like it. the translation from thoughts to canvas or paper isn't always smooth. my lack of translation also made me miss liz and mike more. they both translate well their thought and ideas. plus mike is actully a painter, a good one.

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