Friday, December 09, 2005

the white witch, biblical king and the modern church

arrogancy...isn't that the root of evil? thinking that we/our way/ or whatever is better than anyone or anything else. after seeing narnia last night (i really enjoyed it alot) i see that in the white queen we are presented an image of arrogancy and pride. it is in this ego that she foolishly believes that she is the victor and in doing so under estimates power of sacrifice. yet what does that look like from the good? what is the positive of arroagancy? humility? honor? in looking at the difference between modernity and postmodernism i am left to wonder if the arrogancy of modernism has brought evil into something good has tainted it with corruption. maybe that is why purging and breaking of tradition the new wave in church. how has the need to be inflabible in proof of faith and scripture stripped them of their deeper strength. does any of this make sense even to me who is writting it?

this is just my confussion from not having read the book for years but what happens to her in the end?

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