Sunday, January 01, 2006


i have a feeling that this next year will be ggggrrreat! why you might ask?

well, tonight at the long winters show i saw what to date is the best freeking cover ever. it was a cover of the j-lo song "jenny from the block" done by a alt-country(want to be counting crows) band. it was golden my friends golden, complete with depressing vocals and molasses slow beats.

secondly, when i got home at 2:45am there was a traffic cop directing the line into "jack in the box" up the street from my house. the line was two blocks long! crazy crazyness.

and lastly i got to see sean nelson(of harvey danger and the stranger fame) sing with the long winters tonight and that just warms the deepest parts of my indie rocker heart.

happy new year, may 2006 be a year of blessing!

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