Monday, January 23, 2006

blue like jazz

so i am the last to join the band wagon...i finally started reading 'blue like jazz' about a year after laurel had suggested it.(almost everyone else i know has read it).
i have to say i am blown away by how much my heart is moved. and i thought anne lamott was good. i just finished the chapter where he is talking about the 'confession booth' at reed. how much boldness does it take to be able to do that? i know that God will move if we step out yet i am so very fearful of stepping out. for all the reasons don confesses i am afraid to share christ. so many people have been so harmed by 'christianity' my self included. i want to be a woman who believes and acts on those beliefs.

last trimester i read a quote that talked about faith being what moves us to action. what good is right theology if it does not move your heart and life to actively live out that theology. i believe in life, that all lives are valuble. this is why more and more i believe that to be a christian for me means that i am for life all a cross the board. to be prolife means not only opposing abortion but the death penalty and euthinasia(especially assisted suicides). i think this also means being opposed to the marginalization of others, telling the stories that we don't want to hear, learning about the world and what is going on in other countries, getting aid and intervention for places like uganda which are in cival wars that destroy and desecrate life.

how can we as christ followers not act in places where women are raped and abused, children are stolden from their homes and forced to rape and kill, where a person can be killed in a blood attoinment to save their families honor?

the weight of our faith is so great...lord move our heart to action not just empty belief

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