Sunday, January 08, 2006


tonight was india night...which incidently is a good *healthy* way to deal with frustration. becky and i got indian food and then rented a bollywood or rather the cousin genre of bollywood film. unfotunatly we were not able to finish the film tonight thanks to some boy electrinic glitzes. yet it was quite amusing.

i think india is calling me in a overtly romanticized way. it keeps slaping me lightly with excitement. but maybe it is just me getting to enthralled in things that i really wouldn't like when encountering then in full techno-color with smells and all. i know for a fact that if i ever do go i will be sick for several days because i am *very* sensitive to smells.

there is something so beautiful and yet also so ulgy about india...i think this is part of her charm. i have been reading salman rushnie's newest book about kashmir. it once again makes me love and hate the climate of that area. there seems to be such vibrance in the cultures of india, monsoon wedding is a great example. yet there is great poverty, castes, and prejudice. the idea of karma and fate, a place void of grace and mercy. plus i am not good with "ruffing it"

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