Friday, January 20, 2006

i am amazed by film. i have been thinking about it alot. like last night in theology class i was thinking about the films 'constantine' and 'dogma' and how they both carry the idea of angels being jealous of humanity for it's gift of free will and how much we abuse it.

and now watching 'the woodsman'. wow, what a beautiful, powerful film. i really liked this film it was well done in all aspects and dealt well this a difficult subject. film is such a great and powerful medium. i want to be a part of this kind of storytelling.

i want to share great stories. i feel so caught between my desire to create and my inhability to create well. i think i am once again feeling the weight of all my desires both as an artist and a woman. they are binding in a way because they feel so great and impossible, yet also are so teathered to my heart that i could never walk away from them.

maybe i am just to tired, given the fact that it is almost three in the morning. yes i must just be tired with dribble flowing out of my fingers into these keys and on to my blog.

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