Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i hate being sick....

the darling child that i nanny for has been sharing alot this week, first em shared with grandma on monday, then mom today, and now me. and what may you ask was she sharing so well, it is a great feat for a nine month old to learn sharing, she was sharing the....stomach flu!!!

i will spare the details but for the last five hours i have had volcanos errupting with in my mid-secetion. i find that as i contemplate throwing up after this hell my fears, irrational and unimportant as they are, about morning sickness are coming though in full force. i mean i can't handle the few times i have gotten sick over the last few years. how in the hell will i be able to handle several months of every morning feeling like crap! seriously why should women need to wake up every morning feeling hungover with out the benefit of getting drunk the night before to have the blessing of a child.

i truly feel bad already for who ever the poor man is who has to live with me if i ever get pregnant. i mean after three hours of flu or hangover i am winey enough, lord knows how bad it will be after several MONTHS!

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