Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i want to marry ani difranco too...

i finished "blue like jazz" and i have to say that my favorite line was "i wish ani difranco wasn't a lesbian...i think i would marry her if she would have me." that did it. donald miller has my backing. in my life i have met all of two (including my brother) strait men who *actually* like ani. they get all scared because she is a "rockgrrrl" (ie lesbian/activist/ folksinger) yet she also has some of the best songs about relationships and activism. this woman weaves wonderful stories through her songs, infact i have encountered God more often in her lyrics than in "christian music". "fixing her hair" to me is all about our fucked up relationship with sin and evil which abuse us constantly and yet we continue to defend and follow.(the song is about a woman caught in an abusive relationship).

now back to the book...i loved it! it felt real to me and my previous expereince in faith as well as where i am at now in my growing. i found my self missing portland and wondering if i could ever be broken enough to teach somewhere like reed. also it highten my desire for community...i really want to live in a community house. i keep wondering where God is leading and looking at all my incredible friends last night in class and at greenlake i find my heart leaping to know what will come from these expeirences.

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