Thursday, January 12, 2006


i am feeling weird, crazy, and bitchy things are off with friends and i want to hide in a shack in northern canada with all the greenlake girls. i feel like it would be great to somehow find a way to hide away and get the f** away. i'm not sure if it my self or others that i want to escape, but i am sick to death of the phone and men(there are some exceptions) and money. especially money.

i think i am in one of those phases where i can't believe that anything will ever change and yet i am running crazy circles with in my self which is an improvement.
i wish i could be the uber supportive person but all i want to do is hit something. maybe it is personal ad time...liz you up for it? :P


Liz Easterling said...

Sign me up. Northern Canada, personal adds, and all the fizzy water I can drink. I'm ready. And yes, i will be the designated driver.

jessi knippel said...

yes there are many perks to northern canada, cheap housing and many more men than wise our odds are much better i think that the greenlake girls should really consider starting a commune there and be the "new mars hill canada" branch... we could start a vairous ocation trend for school. plus with all the weather changes you counsiling girls could speciaize in seasonal depression.