Sunday, January 15, 2006

with new eyes...

liz and i are in portland having a wonderful weekend. we have had several sweet moments with my family and friends and she has promptly fallen in love with the town of my birth. i have begun to realize this weekend that as much as my heart belongs to seattle and as cities go it will always be my first love, that i am missing portland.
which is such a great change, for so long i have said that i could NEVER live in portland again. after this weekend i think i might be open to it someday.

there are so many in dearing things about my hometown; light-rail, coffee time, powell's, cutier boys (on the whole), good friends and family, the decemberists, cheaper and cooler housing (turn of the century-1940's houses with plenty of storage that are around what i am paying now for my cute but TINY apartment). through liz's eyes i was able to see this much more clearly.

and yet i also think that it will be a while before this could even be a possiblity (even beyond for three year attachment to seattle because of school) i have a sense that there are a few more cities for me to live in and enjoy before i could return here and be satified with out neededing to try something else. maybe someday i can make a commitment to portland...

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