Friday, February 03, 2006

beauty of belief, sitting and wrestling

why is wrestling with God such a profoundly fearful thing? last night in theology class i read short stories. why? because most of class discussion was about people trying to contain their views of God and how he saves. We have been talking about the implications of "being saved through faith in Christ vs being saved through the faith of Christ". the first implys that we must respond to Christ making savation a very personal thing. where as the latter focuses on Christ and his actions that we are fused into through grace. i know these are not simple concepts and yet i wonder if they really needed the constant clarification and accusations of universalism that were thrown at our professor.

as i have though about these responses today, i find that my acceptance or openness to the "new" theological concepts that have come up at school stems from 1. not wanting to limit God 2. not having grown up in one church denomination. i find that many of the people who continue to narrow these ideas are people who are coming out of a tradition which holds to specific theololgical ideaologies and dogmas. now this is not to say that i am not coming out of dogmas of my own but i have not absorbed any specific tradition's view of the docterines we are talking about in class. or maybe i just accept it because then i don't really have to think or wrestle with these ideas.

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