Wednesday, February 01, 2006

deep roots and bitter heart ache

yesterday, i have several great converstations with my friend becky. they had to do with her most recent post on her blog

we talked about what the sins of our generation are; sex, drug and rock n' roll or is it something more, something deeper than that? she talks about the deep apathy and disregard we have for those around us and their hurts.

we also talked about a church in town which we both grieve over and are angered by. as this church has grown their theology has gotten more narrow and dogmatic. we both have expereinced the closing of doors and the harm this has inflicted upon those around us. i have been mulling over why it is that our generation seems so ready to jump onto the ideas of those in power instead of really think and wrestle. there is such a readiness to attach to one group or belief. i think back to the last ellection and how many people i encountered who were voting for one person or the other based solely on someone(leader or artist) endoresement. they hoped on the rock for change band wagon because it was cool. or voted for bush becaus their pastor told them to.

what is it about thinking and doubting and wrestling that frightens us so much? is it that we live in a culture where we don't have to work for anything? we have anything we could want at our finger tips at any moment. yet, from what i see and read there is no other good way to live life, no other way to grow or encounter God outside of the struggle to believe and figure out why you believe.

i think that sin is evidence of deeper heartache than what ever surface action is going on. it is the roots of selfishness, unbelief, and sorrow.

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