Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is island a place of isolation, a place of beauty or both?

last night after a conversation with a friend i was struck by the fact that we both (based on enounters with art) had different philosophical ideas of the imagery of islands. i based on nick horby's "about a boy" see it as a metaphor for the isolation that we try to have from being touched deeply by another person. where as he saw it as the place of intimacy and paradise between to people, in this case lovers, because of a scene in michael bay's film "the island".

as i have been thinking about it this morning i wonder if it is a both/and idea, meaning that it is both of those and yet also not. because while it's true that we cannot live in isolation from those around us it is also true that we need places of beauty and paradise to mirror goodness. i think about all the wonderful places in the world that i love which are islands; the united kingdom, vancouver island, hawaii, new zealand, bainbridge island,and the san juans to name a few and there is something unique to them because they are islands. yet if they encounter any hardship or suffering and are isolated from the rest of the world then they are screwed. my theology professor was explaining to friends from the uk (he's irish) that hurrican katrina destroyed/effected an area as big as the whole of that island nation. now if the uk had this happen and it was without exterior support it would not survive. we must have beauty and relationship to be whole or maybe the beauty is the relationship between us.

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