Saturday, February 11, 2006

Note for those living in Apartments

My friend was driven out of my apartment at 1:30 am. Why you might ask, especially since she was terribly exausted, did she feel that driving home 20 minutes away was prefered to sleeping in my living room? Was it spiders? Bright lights? Both reasonable explantations, yet neither of these was the reason.

The reason was that once again my *fucking* neighbours were well...fucking and very loudly! Why why dear people do they have sex, LOUD sex in places where of course others can hear them. I mean at least when I am in my room there is some buffer zone between me and the boys getting laid up stairs. But, the living god! This is a frequent accourance...I cannot wait to live in a house. In a house there is more space and *hopefully* none of my roommates will be having sex at least not there. It is always good to have a no sex in the house rule. This means that you can only have sex in the house when everyone else is out of town/gone for the weekend. This avoids all those uncomfortable walking in on people incidents. It is never good to walk in on people or be isolated from communial rooms because people are screwing around in them...yucky!

See having a house is so much better than an apartment. In a house you can always tell the people who are being to loud to shut up, with out to much weirdness. Plus you can have raging parties and not piss off to many people.

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