Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Plastic People, Karoke, and the V-Day

last night i went out with my girlfriends (5/7 of the first church of greenlake bar and grill i'm sorry i didn't include nick or my self in the first posting of this) all of whom are beautiful and for some unknown reason single. it was a great dinner and an interesting expereince after that.

we decided to go somewhere that had karoke, which is how we ended up at ozzies on lower queen anne. i knew the minute we entered that i wanted to go home. there were all these "beautiful plastic barbie doll" like women singing horrible country songs badly. and the dj appeared to be pretty baked. things just got worse, the dj ridiculed a woman until she cried because she choose to sing "it is well with my soul", which he didn't like. what struck me most was the fact that my friends were the ones who called him on it and comforted her and not the man she was with.

this lead me to ponder honor and what it looks like today? i think in this situation it could look like the man this woman was with and all the other men in the room telling this sad little dj man that he was wrong in the way he was treating her and all of the other women in the room. what has happened to us that we no longer honor and respect each other? why is it not only acceptable but expected that men(at least some men) treat women in such a horrible fashion. and how are we honoring men to expect this from them? do we honor men when we expect them to act like jack-asses?


Annette said...

I believe you are so right to question the "lack" of high expectation in the areas such as honour! We leave so much to others and we do indeed "tread" with negative words upon the fragility of people's hearts or ability....instead of respecting their choices and bravery in facing challeneges. Honour is no longer a medal awarded with positive views but rather deameaned as a weakness. Yet God created men to be honourable in His sight and in their protection of women. We too honour our men by have the expectation that they WILL defend and protect us, we honour their strength, manhood and personhood. Respect then comes into this. I honour those whom I respect and show value to them with my actions of honour!

Becky said...

hmm...what do you think it would have looked like if we had called him honor?

also, just a side note, it was 5/7 of the first church - if we're talking about honoring men, we can't forget the first church's only male regualr attendee :)