Wednesday, March 08, 2006

the art ( or lack there of) of seduction

i have been thinking alot about the idea of seduction. dan said in class that all women posess the quality of seduction but many use it wrongly, like to get their children into a "good" school. or something like that.

it seems that over these last few months while i have grown in my ability to love and become my better self. with this personal growth i have found that i have lost any slight abiltiy i have to be seductive. is this a good thing? i don't know.

inretrospect, i find that there were many points in my younger days,(that makes me sound so old), where i was not only aware of my seductive powers but i used them to get what i wanted, sort of... i can think of several points in high school where had i been more cognacent i could have seduced and manipulated the men i was involved with. i had that power. the power of seduction is a frightening thing. i have seen many men, men i love dearly, since then harmed and almost destroyed by that power. i have one friend who at one point, contemplated (not seriously but with the emotional implications) jumping off the aurora bridge rather than break up with his harmful seductive girlfriend.

it is not just about men being seduced. i have serveral beautiful and incredible female friends who have seduced and harmed men. it is so incongruant that these wonderful women would used their beauty and charm to serve themselves.(they have since changed). this is the power, i don't understand, is it something beautiful or something harmful? or is it both? seduction can be a beautiful thing if it is a guileless woman seducing her husband to enter into a time of joyful play. when it is guileless is the beauty that compells people to a wise woman. it can be a wonderful blessing and gift. yet so often it is used for self-fullfillment or gain.

seduction scares me, the power it has. yet, i think that the reclaiming of seduction, not in a negative for might be a key point in opening up the voice of women in scripture.

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