Saturday, March 11, 2006

creativity and mission

i ran into my friend brooke today at an audition. as we sat talking at cafe vita this afternoon, i began to think about the cost of being an artist. it costs alot to be an artist i realized. not only are you asked to pour your soul and being into a piece of art that bearly embodies the depth and weightiness of what you desire to convey, but financially it cost alot of money be it, guitar strings, paint and canvas or headshot. yet you rarely get any of that back. you might get a small stipen or a few dollars for your painting but rarely are you given enough money or time to really think and engage with your art. instead you are beaten, beaten by working that "day-time job" to pay the bills and then working more hours on your art, beaten by putting your work out there to little or no response, beaten by the voices both inside and out side of your head telling you to be practical and get a real job. but you can't stop either you have been created to be this, God has made you into a person compelled to create and that is a beautiful thing(at least theologically). there is no place in our society of consumerism for artists to really be thoughful, thinking, creators. it isn't valued because that kind of creativity takes time and rest. images, melodies, words need time to be impreganted and grow, and then birthed. as we all know it taked time to grow a life and creating art is growing a life.

what our society wants is art that is marketable. the quality and integrity isn't of value, the only value is what can find a nitch of buyers in society that will purchase it in droves. everything is of value as long as it can be bought and sold.

i want to have the freedom for artist to create with out restraint. maybe this is an image of the kingdom of God that i must live my life striving for...the freedom for people to be used in a way that blesses others with their visions and gifts. this is what i want for the world, specifically inregard to women and artists that they may bless the church and the world by using their gifts in glory and participation with God of his mission (missio Dei). to redeam and restore the whole of creation.

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