Thursday, March 30, 2006

this is the life

this picture is from miranda stone's website, it was taken at an artist retreat center in california.

i want so much...i have been reading blogs and web journals of two incredible musician couples (the weepies(steve tannen and deb talan) and miranda stone & her husband chris) along with talking to my aunt who recently got married. it is a wonderment to me how these artist live a life that is supportive and beautiful. they are living out their gifting.
this is the life i want; to create to live and to engage with others. to make art as beautiful offerings to God. i feel so incompantant, so not able to do this and yet this is my seems like such a far off dream to find my self in a place where i am free to create and be. there more i read and interact with theology and biblical understanding the more my heart desires this. i don't think we were meant to work in small spaces, tucked away in high buildings away from engagement and the people we love. a shared life is one that is lived in the day to day of community. the life of an artist and the communal life seem some how to be bound to each other.

i can remember reading from "eyes of the heart" by buechner two years ago and wanting to have the space to create just like he did the summer after graduation. to be off in a place where you are living with others who are creating seems so beautiful to me. there is a wonder and beauty about entering into that space with others even through creation can be individual it is also essecially communal too. i don't think we ever enter into creation with out the presence of another. whatever has inspired is present in the act of creation too.

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