Wednesday, May 17, 2006


i have been thinking alot today about what it is to be a companion or helpmate to another person. i don't mean this in the submissive version, but rather what does it look like to be strong companions. i see this as more of a partnership that is fluid building on each other and supporting each other. i wonder if it is an offering of strength so that the mutual stength can cradle and up-hold something that as individuals would be harder. does it look like sitting still and just having a presence until the spirit guides you heart to fill in a space that the other doesn't know or see? the pictures painted by each are not finished but when placed together they make a cohesive whole. is this a picture of what marriage is? i don't know. i just know that my heart is deep in the well of contemplation. i think there is something so beautiful and terrorifying in seeing what it is to be companion in your relationships as a single person that just might be a foundation for learning how to live when one gets to the getting married part.

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