Thursday, May 18, 2006

entering into worship

one of my undergraduate professors, kerry dearborn, once said that worship is an on going movement of God and we just enter into it. it doesn't stop or start with us but rather when we are open to it's revealation we can see and enter.

last night i entered into the beauty of worship. there is something so incredible about seeing musicians live, it is a make or break it moment because there are two ways it can go either they are more amazing than on their albums or they suck and are a band that sounds good only in the studio. last night's concert feel in to the first catigory. all three of the musicians i saw surpassed their greatness when they were in full technicolor. deb and steve(the weepies) and datri bean all played at the tractor tavern in ballard. the whole thing was so prayerful and freeing.

datri was haunting and fresh. her style is a jazzy blues folkish...very southern feel to it. she speaks truths and beauty and reality in a very digestible concoction. it was so calming to let her sweet sounds wrap around my heart and head to create a place of rest. then after a very brief smoke break, and by brief i mean not enough time to smoke a whole cigarette, deb and steve came on and deep prayer anchored my heart. i love deb and steve, i have yet to miss a show since the first time i ever saw them play in seattle, which was four years ago. i think it was their first show playing together as the weepies. god they were and are such a beautiful picture of what marriage is to be. when they play together there is this fluidness between them. no doubt that they both love and honor each other.

and when they play...oh, wow! i realized more fully last night what it is that i love. when they play together, their notes and melodies fill in the space of each other to bring this glorious whole. they are separete and together all at once and it is glory, beauty, and hope. every time i see them play i know why i wait for the right man, evey time i see them play i know why i am an artist who wrestles with God. truth flows from their words and i am taught of creation, faith and heaven.

oh how i LOVE watching the weepies live. last night i was allowed to sip worship and today i am still headdy with it's wonderful intoxication.

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