Wednesday, May 31, 2006


all three of these pieces are from a few years ago but for whatever reason i wanted to post them today.

I waited for you to react, but nothing happens.
I waited for your decision, but none is made.
I waited for you, your indecision is hurting me.

Echoes push me forward, passions lost find their way back to my door. In my house I still don’t know where anything goes. Music and art are pushing at the door, I want them but I want you too. I wonder where all the pieces of my puzzled life fit in.

“as she climbed across the table” inspired by “as she climbed across the table” by jonathan lethem
as she climbed across the table reaching out to the master of wills
he sat there looking stoned marble and granite deep in thought.
she came tearing at her burdens exposing good and bad scars
he held his ground of indifference spoke no words, made no change in appearance.
she shattered glass and walked over it for him. spilled carafes of blood red passion to get there.
he watched eyes strait a head as she continued her descent to his level.
i climbed across the table through disaster to reach you while you sat there as i came killing me with your indecision.

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