Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i love my new house

so i have most of my stuff moved over to the new house and i just love it! my room feels much bigger than the one i have left and wonder upon wonder i actually can part close to my house!!!! it feels nice to be around people and living in this space. judging from the last few nights our house will be lively place to be. yet i am finding that i am even after one day really missing the nightly prayer times that marie and i had. while we were driving over to the new house last night both ian and i were on the phone with marie and at one point he said "it's like you guys are getting divorced and having to divide up the things" as funny as that is oddly enough it is some what true. marie is the roommate that i have lived with for the longest time and we have one of those intuitive relationship in part because of that. so in a way it is like loosing a spouse. it makes me want to be married so that i know that the next person i have that kind of relationship with will be there for the long hall.

on a lighter note the best thing about my new room is that my bed is there!!!! ahhh bed i wish that i could be there now.

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