Wednesday, May 17, 2006

is this play?

so i was looking on the school message board to day and saw a post for a free kiddie pool. as i read it i thought "that is just what our backyard needs" so instead of being up tight and reserved i emailed the poster and asking if we could aquire said pool. oh yeah also i played x-box for the first time last night and to my surprise it was so much fun!!! i might have to watch out that i don't catch the gamer syndrome. in fact i ever won, although really my roommate andy let me win and we were playing on the simplest track and i totally sucked but it was fun. i can't wait to play again. maybe kenny will play some with me this weekend. tonight is my version of child delight...the weepies are in town and i have convinced at least 9 weepies virgins to join me in this jessi brand of worship. to me one of the most delightful and incredible things is going to a concert and listen to live music. it is extra special because to watch deb and steve play for me it to rekindle the hope of what marriage is be reminded of what i am waiting for. i can't wait.

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