Monday, May 15, 2006

playing instead of playing it safe

so i have come to the great conclusion this week after being with most of my roommates that i do not know how to play. in fact i feel safer cleaning the kitchen that playing. i wonder how the curious, silly, playful child that i was got stuck in such a reserved and fearful adult body. i want to learn how to play in total abandon. everyone else around me seem to get how to do this. i know that underneath it all there is a wild playful woman wanting to come out of her shell. it is just that i have been so tightly bound by shoulds and can't that playing was to risky. i hope during my time at the house that i will learn what it is to play, maybe i can even move beyond the reservation to find my truer self. rock climbing in joshua tree, hiking, and getting dirty may all soon become part of this lesson.

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