Saturday, June 03, 2006

grand canyon

i am standing on the edge of an almost island like cliff of the grand canyon. there are these deep cut gulfs standing between us, seemingly to great to bridge. getting to you seems almost impossible...and why should i try?
my second sight cannot see you standing there on the other side. isolated i feel the dark angels voices saying why bother? my heart echoes their false whispers. the perspective is making me dizzy i sit down on the edge to smoke and contemeplate the present reality.
i see my heart she says that she cannot fight for one who is not also fighting for me. this mulls over in my mind..."is the one i am isolated from, reaching out and working for our coming together? or they turing the other way?" i am left to sit, listen, think and wait.

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mbiers said...

i knew it!! the grand canyon is america's greatest crack problem!!

i just wanted a space i could actually say that.

and the peculiar thing is, i wonder how that ties into your glorious analogy. if i may, what does crack do to its user? it drives one into a state of paranoia. to use your words: "dizzy," "voices," "false whispers," "smoke." people on crack like to think they can fly off a cliff: "living on the ehhhhhhhhdddggg -- *SPLAT!*"

jessi, you have a tremendous attitude in a place people are plummiting to their death. waiting is hopeful. waiting is a different kind of death, a death given that can lead to life.

i find myself wanting to see that bridge built too, and more importantly, if it hasn't already, for access to what was taken of you and left alone on an island cliff.

jessi, you're awesome.