Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my life and the scope of it...

today i was told that i am someone who wants to live life to it's fullest, to live life well. so many things swim in my head over that statement...first it came at the end of a well meaning lecture/prayer from my aunt. something that while it has great merit and value i was not needing this morning. but that is how God works isn't, ironic and inaproprete timing. while it was not what i wanted to hear some of the things she had to say illumanted for me some other seemingly unrelated dynamics.

but mostly i realize that my heart aches for that to be the ever present reality of my live a full and vibrant life. in learning who i am and how to care for my self as well as other i think that i am learning to live well. i know now that living well does not mean being a part of everything but rather making wise choices so that whatever you are involved with is being blessed with as much of you as possible. when i say no to things i am more able to give my self to the things i have said yes to. this means making a commitment and sticking with it but also knowing when to leave something too.

wow what a few words in passing can mean in your head all day long.

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