Saturday, June 17, 2006

random thoughts

i have to say that i absolutely love my friend kasey. he is incredible. everytime i hear from him i feel loved and gain a huge smile on my face. his broken honesty is this amazing and wonderful gift.

a funny though my professor is talking about how the people of God were supposed to be like underware in regard to God. funny imagery we are God's underware. class is interesting...i am only listening to the parts about underware....

oh, and for my last thought for the day i agree with my roommate about the transformational experience of reading "v for vendetta" (see there is some phenomenal imagery especially in regard to the idea of freedom. i still haven't seen the movie and would love to see the difference between the two. i have like graphic novels since i first read the "league of extrodinary gentlemen", but reading "v" this week really kicked my ass about getting back into them. my friend tucker has been talking about "blankets" so i am going to see if i can get a copy of it from the library.

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Liz Easterling said...

Yeah Evey! Girls rule.