Monday, June 19, 2006

a vibrant life

i realized today that i want to have a vibrant life and become a woman like many of my mentors and elders. what does this mean you reader might wonder? well first of all it means that i want to be a woman of God who is valorous, guiless, strong, and dignafied. it also means that i want to backpack to foreign countries when i am in my sixties and drink copious amounts of good wine(just like my seattle mom). it means that i will be that very pregnant woman at a rock concert as well as the glorious older woman at the rock show. it means the i want to live a vivacious life where i continue to explore and grow not allowing my age to limit what new adventures i explore. i also want to be a loving, hospitable, open woman who is open to delighting and enjoying other peoples passions as a way to engage with them more. i want to embody the various examples of a woman after God's own heart. to encompass those various elements.

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