Monday, July 31, 2006

life and being

Last night i saw one of the most profound pieces of theatre i have seen in a long time, it was a play about abortion. But really this piece of theatre is not about abortion but rather about life and grieving of life. Mitzi’s Abortion is a story about finding life, honoring it and human being. In the whole hour and a half i sat in ACT i encountered God’s voice, i watched a story of particularity. The more i enter in theology the more i see that entering into particularity especially a story instead of an issue is a way to love others well. I wonder if there is anything that has a clear cut standard, but rather that there are stories for every choice that happens. everyone has stories that tell how and why they got to a place, we so often are ready to jump in with judgement without knowing what has lead to someone making a decision. listening to their stories and heart...i don't know i guess what i am trying to say was that this is a really profound piece of theatre and it really struck my heart and i think others should see it.

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