Monday, July 03, 2006

smoking duck-butts

this post has absolutely nothing to do with the title. i am currently house sitting on lake washington enjoying the view and avoiding my mound of reading for my last assignment for old testament.

yesterday i started one of the books for my next class...yeah a month early. it is call "reaching out" and it is by dearest henri nouwen. while reading it i was astounded by how much of what was being said in the book related to how i have been feeling over the last while. in reading i was blessed with a clear understanding of my feelings and thoughts. it was as if someone had opened up what i was alreading thinking and feeling and cleaned it up. it was wonderful but now i am left to wonder what do i do with all of this? this book affirmed the wisdom of mystery and honor i have been holding on to. it also gave be a better picture of wisdom in relationship to others. how i love henri!

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Anonymous said...

i heard of henry n. when i was applying for that job in portland (that i didn't take, no offense to henry). thanks for stopping by the blog, i'm always up for giving out laughs.