Monday, July 24, 2006

violence, guns, and loudness

boys i have spent the last two days working with only now i granted i grew up with two brothers as well as many other boys around..hell three of my four closest friends in high school were boys yet over the last two days i am amaised with how violent and constantly in motion boys are, how often their games become violent and at times harmful to each other. like this morning there was a wrestling match that escalated for about an hour on the front lawn. they are forever seeking ways to "war" against each other building themselved into warriors. at these ages they really don't seek to be the hero to impress a girl but rather to prove their betterness over each other. parnterships are forged as it suites the more powerful party treates are erradicated when a stronger more dominant partner comes along. i don't know whether is just what i am reading that makes all this stand out right now but i find that i am more aware of the energy that it takes to keep up with boys, the patience it takes for captivating their attention, and the tuning out it takes for the noise levels that come when they are in groups.

ahhh boys.

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