Tuesday, August 29, 2006

travel the country come on do it

i got back last night from my trip with shana...let me just say that she is the BEST person to travel with. any way in the course of eight days we went from seattle to san deigo to pheonix and back again(four of those days were spent driving). i seriously think that driving to get anywhere in this country is worth it if you have the time. it is so much better to see the vast and varied beauty than flying over it so it all looks like kids drawings, plus you can carry liquids in you car infact it is almost manditory that you do. the beauty of each place we went is still seared into my mind. there was so much to see and trying to talk about it feels like "dancing about arcietchture". the old globe theatre made we so overwhelmed, it is one of the top regional theatres in the country and connected with one of the two grad schools in san deigo that i am looking at for my mfa. they consistantly have people like matthew broadrick preforming there. the desire to act there and the seemingly impossibility of it, ate at my heart. before it has just been a place i had never seen besides pictures on a websit and now it was real standing in front of me in all it's elizabethian glory. no longer can i write it off as a dream place i haven't seen...it is real to me...what do i do about that? lots to think about coming off of this trip...many decisions looming up a head but for now just working at the day to day.

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