Tuesday, September 05, 2006

dreams what do they mean?

so i had this really odd dream last night, actually i was yanked out of by the blaring of my alarm clock this morning. i dreamed of a school like mars hill only different where there was a theatre or i was in a theatre. it was gut-renchingly painful to be there because i was told that i couldn't act until my second year. i could feel my whole body aching to be on the stage that was just inches away from my fingers. i remember arguing that counseling students got to practice their arts so why couldn't i?
next i was in a loft/studio hiding or working i am really not sure when mike, my roommate came to try and get me to come out and do some art. i just couldn't come out.

when i woke up i felt a large amount of weight just bearing down on me. there was a knowladge that this is heavy and has alot to do with how i feel with everything that is going on internally and externally.

aren't dreams funny...

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