Sunday, September 24, 2006

moving on...

so i think i might need to finally make the change, the big change. i might actually need to get a email account. i have spent the last 35 minutes trying to get into my email account with is through my undergraduate school. there are many reasons i should change my email 1. i don't go to school there anymore * many people are confused by the fact that i still have a spu email address and constantly ask if i still attend (the answer being no i graduated in 2002) 2. i would no longer get those damned you are over your box limit messages all the time.

* i did it i got a new email account which i haven't used yet and i also cut off most of my hair and have for the first time in ten years bangs!! isn't interesting how you can feel so different and empowered by cutting off six inches of hair or getting new clothes or glasses. how one thing can bring you into a different part of your self?*

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Anonymous said...

you have bangs now?!?!?!?!