Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the core?

there have been so many conversations swirling around in my head. art, religion, politics, society, and other intersections of these. what is interesting to me is that all of these conversations (and i think most if not all conversations in general) are connected. it is like thought is the basis of a web or a root system...yes a root system is better. while a grove of trees or plants seem to be insolated and individualized the reality under the surface is that they are deeply connected. as much as the idea of "islandism" has been trumpeted the reality is that no one person or throught is isolated from anything.

so what then does this say about thoughts, ideas, and people? i am beginning to wonder if the answers to most of the questions that keep coming up have some basis in a underlying issue(s). possibly the misrepresentations of God, gender, and life? in saying this i realize that it could seem like i have answers...which i don't. what i have is the feeling that these conversations are big bigger than we know.

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