Saturday, October 21, 2006

the film has come off

we had the domestic violence dialogue this evening. sitting in the pew of a beautiful church tears rolling down my cheeks a question entered my brain. "what as an artist can i do to change the current?" i had for this event submitted two painting on display and helped my team with several aspects of this event but it didn't feel like enough. out of the whole evening, besides the intersections with my own story, what struck me most was an article nancy read from the new york times this week. it was about the school shooting/molestations. the main point of the article was the complancy we have in regard to the abuse of women. people were not outraged that the targets of these crimes were choosen specifically based on gender. hell i wasn't outraged (i hurt when anyone is harmed but also admittingly didn't see this connection until it was pointed out). why does violence to women not shock us to the core? what i have been thinking about since the beginning of our conversations on gender last year is that there is a core root. that all of the ways women are objectified and subjectified are connected somehow...i think it is. even in our "open society" women are subtlely abuse...this abuse has been going on since the begining of history. to change this is to fight a current so strong and powerful. yet fight we must not only as women but as humanity. the oppression of all people is evil it is ungodly and it is wrong. in saying this i admit that i don't know how but i must do something i cannot stand by and let it continue now that i have eyes to see and ears to hear. now that the film has fallen away from my blind eyes and i am able to see.

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